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Our mission is to provide process automation and control systems. We are covering the wide spectrum of technology, ranging from food, cemichal, automotive to steel industries by means of software algorithm models, computerised quality control systems as well as production control systems.


Since 1985 we have developed program algoritams for various PLCs as follows:
Siemens             Step 5 and Step 7 series
FESTO                  FPC404
Allen-Bradley                    PLC5
Reliance Electric            AutoMax DCS
Rockwell Automation     RSlogiX
For visualisation and process control aplications we have developed aplications on the SCADA sistems as follow:

Siemens                     WinCC, WinCCflex
WONDERWARE                     InTouch
US DATA                                Factory Link
Rockwell Automation        RS View
We have designed several special, costume made, complete automation systems, with own design of microprocessor and I/O boards based on Intel 80x86 platforms and software alogoritms for these systems.
 Since 1987, we have commisioned remote control system for high voltage electric power distributions network, water network and control systems for hotels.
If you have particular process problems or if you would like to implement your own process tehnology improvement, we are happy to consider it.
Our first consulting activities was in South Korea for KIA Steel Company Ltd at year 1995.
Main concern was company general maintanence management and management during aquisition, start-up and commisionning of two specail steel conditioning and inspection plants.
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